I began playing piano and learning music theory at the age of five. I took up the trumpet as well and led the school brass band. By fourteen I was playing keyboards and synth for local bands, writing, arranging and recording a brand of experimental rock inspired by bands like Can and Faust, and the English avant-garde of King Crimson, Henry Cow, Gong and so on. I played a Beethoven Piano Concerto with the school orchestra. Around this time, in my late teens, I first heard the music of Stockhausen, Xenakis, Varese, Ligeti and many other pioneering composers.

After Music, Maths and Physics A-Levels, I went on to study music at the University of Surrey, graduating with honours (1980-83) and started a PhD in electro-acoustic music at The City University, London (1983 - 1987) and later undertook a course in Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of The Netherlands in The Hague (1992 -1993), which led to close and continued relationship with STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) in Amsterdam.

Since 1983 I've composed many scores and soundtracks for contemporary dance, film, video and the concert stage, worked as a freelance pianist, conductor, sound engineer and teacher, and I was lecturer and tutor in Electronic Music at Middlesex University between 1984 and 1992. I became a Music Director at London's National Theatre, playing piano & keyboards in many productions, and I'm a member of Harmonie Band, a six-piece group playing new scores to silent films.


I invented the Chromasone, a new instrument for live electronic music, while studying Sonology in The Netherlands in 1993, and received generous support from the STEIM foundation to develop the project. I gave the world premiere performance with it at STEIM in April 1994 and over the next ten years performed regularly in the UK and Europe. The music I make with the instrument has been broadcast on BBC Radio 3's "Mixing It" and published on the "Unknown Public" Label.

Recently I've been composing and recording music under the gen0me alias.